Where to Find Cheap Hotels in Kuta Bali

For a long time, when a person mentions the word “travel”, it conjures up an image of luxury. What comes to mind is an image of a person enjoying his time in a luxury hotel while being attended to by personal assistants to make the trip all the more enjoyable. However, things have evolved these past few years. Many travellers begin to look for alternatives beyond the high cost of quality travel accommodation and have tended to go with more budget-friendly options. Realizing this, many hotel operators that offer quality services but at an affordable rate have begun operating in popular tourist destinations, and Bali is no exception. With over hundreds of thousands of people travelling to Bali every year, the demand for such hotels have sky-rocketed.

When someone enquires if there are cheap hotels in Kuta Bali, it usually means that they are looking for budget hotels that offer quality services at affordable rates. As such, finding cheap hotels in Kuta Bali have become something of a common theme among travellers who prefers to break away from the traditional thinking of spending a large amount of the travel budget on accommodation when it could be of better use to enjoy a large part of the travel! Budget-conscious travellers may opt to stay in Tune Hotels, for example. The hotel chain, famous for its quality beds, power showers and 24-hour security, takes budget accommodation to a whole new level. Travellers pay for what they need and not paying for what they don’t need means lower costs for everyone.

The common misconception about budget hotels is that these hotels are located far away from popular tourist locations and restaurants. Nothing is further than the truth and any traveller who have been to Kuta, Bali can attest that there is a good number of budget-friendly hotels in close vicinity to where the action is! At only minutes from the airport, most hotels are located in the town’s central area. This is also conveniently located close to the all-famous Kuta Beach and is at walking distance so you don’t have to worry about parking or getting a taxi after the party is over. During the day, shop ’til you drop at any of the shops along Kuta Beach. Here you will find anything ranging from the latest international fashion trends to the exotic locally-produced accessories that is so unique, it makes a perfect souvenir for anyone to remember Bali by.

Any traveller will not be hard pressed to find cheap hotels in Indonesia as there are many hotels along the Republic’s archipelago that caters to travellers on a budget. With tourism a major income for the people in Indonesia, travellers would find that even budget-friendly hotels offer quality services. In places where shopping is the main attraction, such as Bandung and Jakarta, travellers will find hotels that charge nominal amount for a clean, comfortable bed and hot showers. In a way, this allows budget-conscious travellers know that the money saved can be well spent on the many bargains on offer! For those looking to go off the beaten track, there are many cultural monuments that Indonesia has to offer. Take a peek into the country’s history at some of the oldest temples in the world. Stay at the many budget-friendly hotels around these historical monuments and experience the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful country at your own leisurely pace.

With Bali’s International Airport being a stop for major airlines, many travellers choose to make Bali as an entrance and exit point after exploring what the rest of Indonesia has to offer. For travellers who plan to have a couple of days in Bali before returning home, a quick trip to Legian is highly recommended. Take a last tour of Bali Island on one of the more low-key areas north of Kuta. Here travellers come to enjoy the beautiful beach, minus the crowd and witness some of the most breath-taking views of the sunset this part of the world. For travellers on their last leg of their budget, the many cheap hotels in Legian Bali are excellent choices for a quick stay. Much like cheap hotels in Kuta, many of these hotels in Legian offer accommodation costs at a budget but at high levels of quality service.